Wuyuan Sequence

From a series of photographic images taken in Wuyuan, a region in China, an imaginative animated short film comes to life. The Great Wall of China, which serves as a pretext for the title, is just one of the many types of walls that, just like the famous wall built in China centuries ago, serve to keep strangers, aliens, enemies and worlds away from us. But walls, as we know, end up being climbed over or torn down. The protagonists of this short film, where magic and action merge, are three children. The youngest of them, little more than a baby, turns out to be endowed with magical powers. His sister and brother, older than him, watch in amazement as they perform incredible things. The children realise with amazement that, thanks to the power of their younger brother, they can cross the threshold of events, which for them become almost ‘liquid’. The grandmother, who surprises them from the TV, leads them on a journey among the spirits of their ancestors, who, however, do not seem to like …

Our work
“Chinese Wall” is a short film in 3D animation. Starting from photographs to make an animated short required a long and thorough pre-production phase in which the study of the setting and characters took up most of the time. The Digitalcomoedia team then reinterpreted the events in the photos and their protagonists with the fantastic and playful spirit typical of Cartoons. In order to follow this imprint, it was essential to deepen the study of lighting and the choreographic setting so as to reflect the mood of the photographic material and convert it into something absurd and imaginative that would, however, reveal its roots. From the inspiration of the photographs, a dreamy and evocative narrative takes off, leading us into a world suspended between the Far East and fantasy.