Selex RCF Training Application

Selex ES (now Leonardo S.p.a.) is a company active in the defence, aerospace and security sectors based in Italy, whose market develops on a global scale. The Land and Naval Defence Electronics Division has 50 years’ experience in the integration of advanced technological systems, including mobile radar equipment for territorial control. The launch of the new RCF (Counter-Fire Radar) system, which is easy to deploy in the territory, prompted the Sales Division to request a smart solution that comprehensively illustrates its features, the air-loading and unloading, deployment, commissioning, and deployment of the system.

Our work
An interactive manual consisting of photorealistic CGI footage, and live action footage of operations, where additional Augmented Reality-style information on specific tasks was applied, was created. The whole is structured in an interactive, navigable platform, where it is possible to search for the desired operation, displaying the steps to be performed in detail, with the possibility of reviewing or pausing it at a specific time. The manual was conceived cross platform, usable on all desktop and mobile devices, even in touch version, with an intuitive user interface and graphically compliant with the then Selex-ES guidelines. A real interactive instruction manual that is easy and always at hand.