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Selex Eyemast

The aim of this work was to present the technological superiority of an innovative, cutting-edge defence system in an entertaining and intuitive manner. Gnuk, an alien, roams the galaxies in his spaceship, with the mission of identifying and improving the technologies of civilisations less evolved than his own, which inhabit other worlds. Once Earth appears on his screens, seven-tenths covered by water, a warship jumps out at him. Needless to say, what Gnuk sees disgusts him: how can humans entrust their navigation to such systems? It’s time to ‘ditch’ and come to their rescue!

Our work
3D animation was the perfect medium to achieve the communicative purpose. Digitalcomoedia realised everything in-house: concept, script, pre-production, direction, realisation, post-production and sound design. Several indoor and outdoor settings were created entirely in CGI, using both traditional and digital techniques established in the computer animation industry, as well as an in-depth concept and design phase for the protagonists. The combination of the horizontal technology popularization video and the logic behind a 3D cartoon is the keystone of the project and the greatest challenge the team faced in realising it.