QUASI AMICI is a 4′ TV format in 11 episodes aired on Sky Sport 24.
Born from an idea by Garofalo and Pescerosso, fine-tuned by Mario Amura into an innovative, glocal and universal format, “Almost Friends” has become in a matter of months an unmissable appointment for hundreds of thousands of fans of every team, on TV and on the Net.
The protagonists are teenagers, for whom football is a way to express themselves freely, to dream and fight with the joy that only the game, in its pure gratuitousness, can give.
Two small groups of opposing fans meet and get to know each other, sniff each other, bare their souls, tell their stories. Three youngsters from the Napoli team welcome three youngsters from the visiting team to their city.
Our work
Digitalcomoedia supported the project in the post-production activities for the Napoli Inter and Napoli Milan episodes. It contributed Marco Tramontano’s creative editing to restore football’s vitality, beauty and innocence. ‘Almost Friends’ is also a joyfully open challenge to a way of making television that has been squeezed to the bone. It is a cross-section of reality without a script, the opposite of reality shows with predictable roles that become labels, where the camera waits patiently for the arrival of the moments when something surprising is unleashed. The aesthetics of the images are refined and lyrical, the hand-held camera and the fast-paced editing restore all the enthusiasm that only teenagers know how to experience with their feeling of discovering the world. Five quick and dense minutes of unpiloted situations, where an external ‘hand’ is never felt: a directorial invisibility that is the winning and compelling element of the point-blank narration of the two ‘peculiar days’ of a handful of teenagers caught in their dishevelled freshness and naivety.