Filmato Istituzionale TASI AIT ROMA

Thales has been present in Italy since 1988, operating in the security, transport, defence and aerospace markets. This institutional video describes the activities of the Rome office, a journey through the large areas dedicated to the design, integration and testing of satellites and antennas, emphasising the perfect harmonious synthesis of the humanistic and technological components and the high level of professionalism achieved.

Our work
In this trip to the Roman headquarters of Thales Alenia Space, Digitalcomoedia tried to achieve two objectives: to maximise the sense of professionalism and the very high level of specialisation of the plants, and to enhance the human profile that must necessarily be behind every technological challenge. The development of the design phase made it possible to create a symbolic conjunction without discontinuity of past and future, tradition and innovation, where history, humanity and research come together in the leading role that Thales Alenia Space plays in the development of the Italian and European aerospace industry.