E-Learning and Interactive Learning

Selex ES (now Leonardo) is a worldwide supplier of communication systems. Its Land and Naval Defence Electronics Division provides tactical integrated Command, Control and Communications systems for land platforms and soldiers on land. The need to improve the logistical support of Toyota’s CIS System, which provides complete training paths, including simulation of operational environment functions and after-sales support, led the Marketing Division to request the implementation of a CBT (Computer Based Training) for the training of specialised personnel.

Our work
Digitalcomoedia has developed a multimedia software platform, managed via a browser interface, and characterised by the organisation of the training material into individual modules of a descriptive and operational nature, each focusing on a specific training objective. The Motion Graphic and CGI animations, created entirely by the Digitalcomoedia team for each teaching module, make the learning process effective and fast by comprehensively showing the logical schemes to be followed or by photorealistically depicting the systems on which maintenance is carried out. Continuous monitoring of the user’s learning level is possible through specific evaluation tests at the end of each module.