CIRA (Centro Italiano Ricerche Aerospaziali) is a publicly owned company, based in Capua, and boasts the largest infrastructure network in Italy serving Aerospace Research. It participates in international and European research programmes, as well as collaborating with leading Italian and foreign universities and aerospace companies.
The audiovisual project stems from the company’s need to present the functional and engineering characteristics of the USV (Unmanned Space Vehicle), an unmanned aircraft capable of autonomously carrying out research missions in Earth orbit.

Our work
To present the aircraft, a CG film was made, supplemented by live action sections.
The presence of live action footage made it necessary to achieve photorealism in the computerised reproduction of the subjects of the video, as well as the mission scenarios.
Its dual nature as a technical and informative video also required the use of a language that straddles the line between action video and Motion Graphics, resulting in the rich use of modern and appealing graphic solutions that became the distinctive elements of the final product.